Dedication to Higher Education

Kalorama has a distinct business practice area focused on colleges and universities.

Kalorama has represented more than two dozen colleges, universities and school systems in the last ten years.

Our work is personal and dynamic. Working with schools to sell IPv4 addresses presents a unique set of challenges.

We understand how to navigate these challenges, providing custom solutions and handling each with care.

Schools benefit from the sale of IPv4 addresses in a meaningful way; the revenue is often timely and impactful.

Kalorama estimates that 2.9 billion pounds worth of IPv4 addresses outside the US and 4.5 billion pounds worth in the US are held by higher education institutions.

Higher education worldwide has a nearly 7,400,000,000 pound opportunity before them and Kalorama would like to advise colleges and universities to earn them the highest price possible for their IPs whenever they are ready.


What Our Higher Education Clients Say About Kalorama

Roger Blake CEO (Merit Network)
“Kalorama delivered our deal beyond our expectations. Having done business with Kalorama in the past, we knew they would be strategic and trustworthy, and they didn’t disappoint. Kalorama showed us they knew the buyers well, understood how they operate, and knew how to progress the negotiation in our favor. Kalorama made us comfortable at every decision point.  Kalorama’s guidance during the transfer gave us confidence for proceeding with an unfamiliar process that carried some risk. I would recommend Kalorama to any organization seeking to divest their unused IPv4 addresses. Now is the time.”
Jesse Voigt Associate Director, Infrastructure
“Macalester College worked with Cameron Gordon, Director of the Kalorama Group to facilitate the sale of IP addresses. We began work with Kalorama in the fall of 2022 to assist us in identifying potential candidates to purchase our IP addresses. We spent a few months navigating the market and were eventually able to come to an agreement to sell our IP addresses to a 3rd party. Cameron and Kalorama group did a great job helping us with the sale and navigating the escrow and exchange of IP addresses.”
Former Merit CEO
“As one of the largest vanguard organizations active in the IPv4 asset sale space, Merit was extremely satisfied with Kalorama’s services. Their expertise, responsiveness and collaborative approach culminated in solid long-term benefits for Merit, and we would highly recommend them for other organizations. They remain a very trusted partner in a dynamic global environment, providing a significant high-value service.”
Dave Goetzel Sr. Manager IT (Quad)
“Kalorama helped us throughout the process of selling our IPv4 block, from sale to close of deal. It was a nervous time just due to the amount of money we were talking about with the sale, but the Kalorama team helped us each step of the way. The process went as explained by Kalorama and we made a great deal of money.”
Sean Riedel Lake Forest College
“We interviewed multiple firms to assist us with selling our unused IPv4 addresses. We found that many organizations align their deal interests before customer priorities. Kalorama listened to our needs and engaged with us directly and consistently, that’s why we chose them to assist us with the sale. They worked with us to sell two separate portions of our larger IP block rather than pressuring us to do some kind of mass sale with a subsequent lease requirement.  I highly recommend the Kalorama Group, and I encourage those who are skeptical to talk with them about options.”
Kari Ward Director (Nevada Library Cooperative)
“The State of Nevada’s purchasing and contracting processes are rigorous and Kalorama met or exceeded all qualifications, insurance, and business license requirements. They stood out from the rest of the respondents with their many years of experience and impressive sales record. We have never been disappointed with our choice and found Kalorama to be instantly responsive to our questions. The transaction processes were carefully explained in detail in advance and help was provided every step of the way.”
Jon Kokos CIO (Lees McCrae College)
“The money from this sale is saving us now.”

Ready to buy or sell IPv4 addresses?

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